I'm a sophomore studying computer science with an emphasis in video games and a minor in computational biology at the University of Southern California. I love games and its what I want to do: I like to program, I like to design, I wish I could draw, but I have other people for that. In my efforts to explore the field, I decided to create this website to act as a hub for the various things I get involved with.

Wiggle Force One: November 2014

36 hour hackathon. Unity/C# and Oculus Rift. 4 Person Team. Download (Requires Oculus)

Rake: September 2014

24 hour game jam. Unity/C#. Solo project. Play

Penumbra: April 2014

48 hour game jam. Programmer/Designer in Unity/C#/CG. 2 person team. Play

Miralab: November 2013 - May 2014

Advanced Game Project. Particles and scripted scenes in Unity/C#. 30+ person team. Website

Ultimate Space Combat: February 2014

24 hour game jam. Programmer/Designer in Unity/C#. 4 person team. Play

My First Incident With DPS: September 2013

First game ever made. 48 hour game jam. Programmer/Designer in Construct2. 6 person team. Play

Feel free to contact me at

listeven (at) usc (dot) edu

You can also find me on LinkedIn

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